Welcome to Blackhead Studios Berlin

As an innovative Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio in Berlin, BlackHead Studios offers professional audio visual production, mixing and mastering services to artists, publishers and record labels.

Located in the Mitte district in Berlin, our studio premises are IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) certified and provides perfect acoustic surrounding with hi-end Genelec and Amphion monitoring for your audio production needs.

Recent clients includes Deutsche Grammophone, Anne Imhof,  Tracey Thorn, K7 Music, Kompakt Records, Giorgia Angiuli, Audiofly, Jonas Saalbach and Anja Schneider among others.

We offer special mastering formats including hi-resolution audio and Mastered for iTunes, as well as audio restoration and transfer services.

Mixing & Mastering

We offer Stem Mixing, Mastering and Production in either digital or analog form.

Stem Mixing
Separated stems mixed in the analog domain with vintage and modern summing through state of the art Digital to Analog conversion, compressors and EQs from brand leaders such as Bettermaker, Custom Audio Germany, Handcrafted Labs & Tegeler Audio and a myriad of vintage gear from  Siemens, Telefunken and Filtek.

Our inhouse technician Antti Pussinen has modified and built some of our ‘secret weapons’ including restoring our vintage fully discrete Yamaha PM-1000 Mixer and various mastering tools.

As much as we love analog, we also use hi-end digital precision plug-ins from UAD, DMG Audio, McDSP, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Soundtoys, Eventide and more.


Blackhead Studios offer analog and digital mastering for all possible formats with converters from Crane Song, Lake People & Benchmark.

With the analog part consisting of a few well chosen EQs like Bettermaker EQ232P and Custom Audio Germany HD-250a, as well as HCL VariS and Bettermaker CV502V as their dynamic counterparts, we also rely on digital plug-ins such as BX_digital v3 and DMG Audio Limitless to deliver the best possible result for your productions

We believe the right mixture of analog and digital processing techniques will bring the best results and with over 200 well serviced clients we are doing something right.


We offer a full range of production services from song writing & production to TV & advertisement post production for a wide variety of clients. For more information please visit www.blackheadproductions.com


Since every studio session is different, it is fairly impossible to calculate an hourly-rate for a production.
Please get in contact with us and we will give you a quote based on the planned work involved.

We offer the following package prices:

Analog Stereo Mastering
Dub/Instrumental included
Single, EP and Album deals available

EUR 80 + VAT per title


Analog Stem Mastering
Max 4 stereo stems
Dub/Instrumental included

EUR 165 + VAT per title


Digital Stereo Mastering
Single, EP and Album deals available
Dj-mix mastering available

EUR 50 + VAT per title


Please visit Blackhead Productions site for info and pricing on production packages

Analog Stem Mixing 8
Max 8 stereo stems
Dub/Instrumental mixdown included

EUR 165 + VAT per title


Analog Stem Mixing 16
Max 16 stereo stems
Dub/Instrumental mixdown included

EUR 250 + VAT per title


Full Analog Mixing
All tracks separate
Dub/Instrumental mixdown included

EUR 350 + VAT per title


Hourly/Daily Rates
Half day (4h) incl engineer –  EUR 300 + VAT
Full day (8h) incl engineer –  EUR 600 + VAT
Hourly rate EUR 80 per hour




2 revisions are included in the price – further revisions are calculated EUR 60 + VAT per hour or part thereof.

Data Delivery

Please use FTP, Wetransfer or USB media

– Please include notes on preference and possible reference material
– Premasters can be delivered in any hi-resolution format (44.1 – 192 kHz / 24/32 bit)
– 6 dB headroom – no limiting on premaster

Stem mastering & mixing
– Consolidated 24Bit AIFF/WAV files starting at the start position with no limiting (6dB headroom)
– Preferred sample rate is 44.1 and 88.2 kHz – please state clearly on all files if your files are 48/96 kHz
– EQ + Effect settings can be printed.
– Reverb can be printed. If in doubt, be sure to deliver dry files as well
– Bus Compression/Limiting OFF
– Bus Effects to be printed separately

Reference material and a reference mix is helpful. Please ask if you have any questions.


Genelec 1038A (main)
Genelec 1032A (main)
Amphion One12 (nearfield)
Crane Song Avocet Monitor Controller
DK-Audio MSD100 Analyser
Audio File Engineering Spectre Analyser

Analog Mastering  / Mixdown

Custom Mastering Console
Custom M/S insert processor
Custom 12 channel summing mixer
Speck X.Sum 32 channel summing mixer
Yamaha PM-1000 16 channel Discrete Mixer

Analog Processing
Custom Audio Germany HDE-250A EQ
Telefunken ELA E150a vintage passive Stereo EQ
Bettermaker EQ 232P MkII
Bettermaker C502V compressor
Calrec PQ1549 EQ clone
2x Pultec EQP-1 clone EQ
Tegeler Audio VTC Tube compressor
Custom Audio Germany tape-emulation unit
Custom Neumann analog saturation unit
Stam Audio LA-2A compressor
VCA compressor SSL clone with Turbo mode
2x Filtek BFE Mk3 EQ
Studer 169 6 channel line-amp
Ibanez UE-405 vintage Multi-FX
Ibanez UE-400 vintage Multi-FX
Dynacord VRS-23 Analog Delay
Cosmic AE-7000 Analog Delay
2x Tonelux MP5A Preamp 500 series
ATI Pro-6 channel strip
DBX 128 II stereo compressor


Lake People F46 DA converter
Lake People F44 AD converter
Crane Song Avocet DA converter
Benchmark 2408 AD converter
Apogee DA-16X DA converter
Apogee AD-16 AD converter
Kronauer Genio X1 AD/DA converter

Digital Processing
Dynacord DRP-20X Reverb
Roland SDE-330 Spatial Delay
Korg SDD-1200 Stereo Digital Delay
Roland RSP-550 Digital Effects
Boss SE-50 Digital Effects
Digitech DHP-55 Harmonizer
Ibanez DM-2000 Delay

Avid Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live Suite 9
Nugen VisLM
Acon Digital Restauration Suite
Black Box Analog Design HG-2
Vertigo VSM-3
Brainworx bx_Digital v3
Brainworx bx_XL v2
Brainworx bx_Dyn-EQ v2
Massenburg Designworks MDW-EQ5
McDSP ML-8000 limiter
McDSP ML-4000 limiter
Pro Audio DSP DSM-V2
Eventide Anthology XI
DMG Limitless
Sonnox Limiter v2
Sonnox Inflator
Sonnox Transmod
Sonnox Oxford Envolution
Universal Audio UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins
Soundtoys v5
Waves Sound Design Suite Native




Affect! DE
Alain Ho /DJ Yellow FR
Alessio Pagliaroli IT
Armada Music NL
Armani Fashion IT
Apersonal Records ES
Axone FR
Berlinmachine DE
Ben Rau DE
Blu Fin Records DE
Blond:ish CAN
Bobby Starrr DE
Buzzinfly Records UK
Camea US
Compost Records DE
Dahu DE
Dauwd UK
Deeplay Records SWE
Defected Records UK
Dirty Keys EST
Ed Ed DE
Emanuele Vesci IT
Ewan Pearson DE
Filippo Moscatello DE
Fur Coat VE
Girlscout Records DE
Galaktika Records ES
Gomma DE
Henning Wehland DE
Henrik Schwarz DE
HPTY Records FIN
JETT Records FR
Jonas Saalbach DE
K7 Records DE
Kompakt Records DE
La La Berlin DE
Life & Death Records IT

Magit Cacoon IL
Marco Resmann DE
Maurice Aymard ES
Michael Mayer DE
Michelle Owen AUS
Moodmusic Records DE
Modular Music AUS
Musique Couture DE
Muting The Noise DE
Munk DE
Nils Penner DE
Ohm Records US
Olderic IT
Paradise Enterprise DE
Peter Pardeike DE
Peter Oakden UK
Phil Fuldner DE
Pooled Music DE
Phonogenic Audio FI
Raxon UAE
Room With A View DE
Schakal DE
Save The Black Beauty DE
Saveroom Recordings DE
Tenampa Recordings MX
The Exquisite Pain Recordings FR
Tonkind Records DE
Todd Terje NOR
Tom Peters DE
Tyree Coooper US
The Presets AUS
Trevor Deep Jr FIN
Unfokused SWE
Weval NL
WAS – Word And Sound DE
Zoo Brazil SWE


Klas Sasse Lindblad

A producer from day one, Lindblad has been playing, writing and producing music since the early 90s. Under his artist names Sasse and Freestyle Man he has released 4 full length artist albums, as well as numerous single productions on various labels such as Sähkö/Puu, My Favorite Robot, Pokerflat, Pooled Music and on his own Moodmusic imprint.

Since 2003 he runs BlackHead Studios in Berlin with an emphasis on all things Analog. He mixes and masters music for labels such as Kompakt, Mobilee, All Day I Dream, Superfriends, Akbal Music, Einmusika, Stil Vor Talent, King Street Sounds and more.


Jan-Eric Scholtz
Part of techno duo Auto-tune, Jan-Eric is a wizard in the studio and  since the 90s has played live on all continents. Jan-Eric has produced together with numerous djs and producers like DJ T, Anja Schneider and Robbie Akbal.


Petja Virikko
Petja is specialised in additional production and is running his own studio in Tampere, Finland. In short time he has already worked on production duties for artists such as Ed Ed, Renato and Lorenzo Calvio among others, and has releases on Second State, Moodmusic and Chocolat Records.




Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:

Klas-Henrik Lindblad
BlackHead Studios
Novalisstrasse 11F
10115 Berlin


Telefon +49 151 241 60 745
E-Mail info (at) blackheadstudios (dot) com


Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß §27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz:

VAT NR : DE233977859

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt nach § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Klas-Henrik Lindblad, 
Schwartzkopffstrasse 6, 
10115 Berlin


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